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2011 Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Pendle Heritage Archaeological Group


Minutes of the Twenty-eighth Annual General Meeting of the Pendle Heritage

Archaeological Group

Held at Park Hill Barrowford on Friday 11th November 2011, at 7.30pm


Present:           The Acting Chairman (D Taylor) and 14 members

1        Apologies for absence

There were apologies from:         David Morris

                                                      Janet Suggett

                                                      Charles Walker

                                                      Peter Worrell

                                                      Frances Howarth


2        Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the 2010 meeting were read, accepted and signed as a correct record.


3        Matters Arising

There were no matters arising


4        Election of Officers

The following were re elected

Chairman                         David Morris

Vice Chairman                  David Taylor

Secretary                          Henry Wall

Treasurer                          Francis Haworth

Field Liason                       Mike Handford

Excavation Secretary        Christine Barnett

Committee Members       Gillian Greenwood, Janet Suggett, Pam Minkley and Georgina Bentley

Finds Officer                     Alex Whitlock

Lecture Secretary             To go to the committee


5        Chairman’s Report


David has asked me to give the report this year in view of his unavoidable absence. 


When reviewing the group`s activities over a period of a year it always comes to me as a surprise to see just what has been achieved over a 12 months period.


Over the winter months the usual lecture programme took place and the speakers included David Johnson of the Ingleborough Archaeological Society on limestone hushings, Norman Redhead of the Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit on iron smelting in the Castleshaw Valley, Saddleworth, and our own Henry on Roman re-enactment.  The first two speakers were chosen as they directly related to our research.


Fieldwork continued researching the vaccaries in Pendle, Rossendale and Trawden.  A detailed survey was carried out of the vaccary north of Higham in the spring and the detailed survey of the vaccary to the west of Barrowford began in the autumn.  Preliminary research has been carried out at the Bacup vaccary and some further research took place in Trawden to establish whether or not there was a defined forest area to the east. 


During the course of our fieldwork it has become apparent that many important features, especially gateposts, have been lost due to the actions of some landowners.  In view of this it was felt important to fully record the better examples of gateposts and other features, i.e. bridges. in Trawden, with a view to submitting these to the County Archaeologist for listing.  Several days were spent recording these features and submission will be made shortly.


As a change, in April we carried out a measured survey of the former boiler room at Higherford Mill when we recorded the floor plans and an external wall together with many original features.  This work was undertaken so that a listed building application could be submitted to Pendle Borough Council for the installation a replacement boiler in the future.


Further excavation took place on the bloomery site at Sabden Fold in May.  The weather was not kind, nor were the results of the excavation quite as good as expected.  We will discuss the possibility of further excavation on this site later on in the meeting.  A second interim report has been prepared.  Importantly, some sherds of late Medieval pottery were found which have yet to be fully identified.


A brief excavation, in which some of our members were involved with Blacko School, took place in July at Malkin Tower Farm.


The report on the Wycoller excavations has been completed and a useful period was spent on a wet Saturday at the Heritage Centre re-appraising the pottery and other finds.


Following last year`s successful trip to Hadrian`s Wall, a further excursion to Shropshire was arranged for 8th-9th October.  This was much enjoyed by all and a similar event is likely to be arranged by popular demand.  The joint meeting with the Wharfedale Upper Field Society took place on 23rd July at Malham when we were shown many of the prehistoric sites situated on Malham Moor.  It is our turn to host the society next year and I am sure our Chairman will welcome any suggestions as to how to entertain them.


I would like to thank our absent Chairman for all his efforts during the past year in ensuring the smooth running of the group and to you for your interest in our activities. 

6        Secretary’s Report
1.       The Group’s numbers have remained very much the same, with 32 current members.  As the Group is part of the Friends of Pendle Heritage it is a requirement that any person involved in the Group`s activities is a current member of the Friends.
2.       Last winter’s lecture programme and the Christmas party were very well attended and successful. The attendance at lectures was about 30.
3.       A trip was organised and run to Shropshire. This trip was enjoyed by all, suggestions for future trips would be very welcome.
4.       Thank you to all who have filled in the time sheets. Time sheets must be filled in and returned to the secretary or to PHC.  The time spent by the Archaeological Group in its activities can be used by the Heritage Trust for the North West as a credit in obtaining grant aid.



Friday, 11st November 2011   Annual General Meeting


Friday, 25th November           "Recent research on cruck-frame buildings around Greater Manchester".

Dr Michael Nevell, Head of Archaeology at University of Salford and Time Team archaeologist


Saturday, 17th December       Christmas Party


Friday, 27th January 2012      “The local mill heritage and its power sources”.  Anthony Pilling, retired Lancashire County Architect and cotton mill and machinery expert


Friday, 24th February              Members evening


Friday, 23rd March                  “Recent advance in crop and cultivation research”.

                                                Professor Glynis Jones of Sheffield University

All events will be held in the meeting room at the Pendle Heritage Centre commencing at 7.30pm.

7        Treasurer’s Report



INCOME                                                                    EXPENDITURE


29.10.10               Balance b/f                      299.71                      29.10.10  Sabden dig       )

                                Refreshment                    12.00                      25.3.11    Wine/Whisky               20.00

26.11.10               P Halstead Lecture            53.00                  for Trevor            )                               20.14

11.12.10                       Christmas Party                                                26.11.10  Lecture Fee                  0.00

Raffle & Games                      47.00                              24.11.10  P Short  - Whisky        17.31

                                                                                                11.12.10  Christmas Party             

28.1.11  N Redhead Lecture  64.00                           Gratuities                                          10.00      

25.3.11`                Henry Wall Lecture  44.00             28.1.11    N Redhead Fee              35.00    

                                                                                                25.3.11    H Wall Fee                      30.00

                                                                                                21.10.11  Balance                            387.26

                                                                        £519.7                                                      £519.71 


21.10.11                       Balance

At PHC                  308.51

                             Cash                       79.11

Discussion of the cost of attending lectures  £3 or £2.    A charge of £2 was decided upon.

8        Talks were presented by acting chairman  David Taylor, Christine Barnet and Alex Whitlock

9        The meeting closed @ 9.30



Field walking                           Barrowford and Barley vaccaries

                                                Rossendale vaccaries           

                                                Feature recording


Bloomery excavation              Interim report  prepared

                                                Permission   obtained

                                                Dates, late May


Archaeological Workshops    


Visits                                        Chester re-enactment             2nd June

                                                Orkney trip                              2nd-6th June

Upper Wharfedale Field Soc. July

October weekend                   6th-7th October


Socials                                    Christmas party                       17th December

                                               Mike, Frances, Georgina,