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Minutes of 2009 AGM

Pendle Heritage Archaeological Group

Minutes of the Twenty-sixth Annual General Meeting of the Pendle Heritage Centre Archaeological Group

Held at Park Hill Barrowford on Friday 23rd October 2009, at 7.30pm

Present: The Chairman (Dr DJA Taylor) and 20 members

1 Apologies for absence
There were apologies from: Kay Smith
        John Davies
        Dr & Mrs Davenport
        Tina McNeil
        Peter Worrell

2 Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the 2008 meeting were read, accepted and signed as a correct record.

3 Matters Arising
There were no matters arising

4 Election of Officers
The following were elected
Chairman - David Morris
Vice Chairman - David Taylor
Secretary - Henry Wall
Treasurer - Francis Haworth
Field Liason - Mike Handford
Excavation Secretary - Christine Barnett
Committee Members - Gillian Greenwood, Janet Suggett, Pam Minkley and Georgina Bentley
5 Chairman’s Report
See enclosed sheet

6 Secretary’s Report
The secretary reported the number of members has stayed about the same although we have lost the services of John Howard, who was in charge of the dig at Wycoller. Tribute was paid to John and thanks were expressed for all his efforts at Wycoller over the last two years. Last winter’s lecture programme and the Christmas party were very well attended and successful. The attendance at the lectures was usually between 30–40. The three trips organised this year to Hadrian’s Wall, Liverpool and Kilnsey were well attended and enjoyed by all, suggestions for future trips would be very welcome. The necessity of filling in time sheets was emphasised.

7 Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer ( Mrs Francis Haworth) presented a Statement of Affairs as at 23rd October 2009, of the Pendle Heritage Archaeological Group and this was received with thanks. (Statement enclosed)

8 Proposed programme for 2009/10


Friday November 27th - David Johnson, Ingleborough Archaeological group, `Hushings,stonary and boulder pits – methods of getting limestone in the gritstone Pennines`.

Saturday December 12th - Christmas Party

Friday January 29th 2010 - Francis Thornton, palaeopathologist, `Waking the dead, an understanding of the life and death of ancient people`.  

Friday February 26th - Dr. Paul Halstead, `Animal Husbandry in Greece`, (provisional title).

Friday March 26th - Members Evening

All events will be held in the meeting room at the Pendle Heritage Centre commencing at 7.30pm.

9 Slideshow of 2009 events was presented by new chairman Mr David Morris and
possible events for 2010, celebration of 26 years of archaeology and a new dig were discussed.

10 AOB
Mr Mike Handford asked about the purchase of a metal detector and asked about the wearabouts of pottery from previous excavations.
Mr Geoff Ingham notified the meeting of a forth coming trip to Fort Paul near Hull

As there was no other business the meeting concluded at 8.20pm.
This was followed by a short talk given by Mr Alex Whitlock

TRIBUTE PAID TO Dr DAVID TAYLOR BY Mr GEOFF INGHAM at the occasion of Dr Taylor’s standing down as chairman after 26 years.

’26 years ago (September 1983) my wife and I came to the Pendle Heritage Centre for the first time. We had just returned and had heard (from Georgina) that an archaeological group had been formed at the centre.  As archaeology was a subject dear to our hearts we were hoping to join the Pendle Heritage Archaeology group. At the centre in what is now the walled garden, but was a wilderness in those days, we first me David Taylor. He and John Davies welcomed us to the group, and so began a very happy and fruitful association with the group and its chairman.
Now David is retiring, and all the members of the group both past and present owe him so much for his unstinting work as chairman. Over the years he has led numerous “digs”, has been responsible for writing up the reports, has been responsible for all the field work, and in short has spent countless hours for the benefit of the group. David is a very unassuming person, but it is a tribute to his leadership and dedication that after all these years, Pendle Hertiage Archaeological Group  is a flourishing and vibrant body.”