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David Taylor Retires as Chairman

Tribute paid to Dr DAVID TAYLOR by Mr GEOFF INGHAM at the occasion of Dr Taylor’s standing down as chairman after 26 years

’26 years ago (September 1983) my wife and I came to the Pendle Heritage Centre for the first time. We had just returned and had heard (from Georgina) that an archaeological group had been formed at the centre.  As archaeology was a subject dear to our hearts we were hoping to join the Pendle Heritage Centre Archaeology group.   At the centre in what is now the walled garden (but it was a wilderness in those days) we first met David Taylor.   He and John Davies welcomed us to the group, and so began a very happy and fruitful association with the group and its chairman.
Now David is retiring, all the members of the group both past and present owe him so much for his unstinting work as chairman.  Over the years he has led numerous “digs”, has been responsible for writing up the reports, has been responsible for all the field work, and in short has spent countless hours for the benefit of the group.  David is a very unassuming person, but it is a tribute to his leadership and dedication that after all these years, Pendle Heritage Centre Archaeological Group is a flourishing and vibrant body.”

At Musbury Deer Park, Rossendale, 20th June 2009 - David Taylor is on the right and John Davies on the left.