21 Sunday 9th May - Closing Down the Site

There was a familiar feel as we arrived to the site for the last time, even the sheep had grown accustomed to us!

The  photographs show a last ditch attempt to poke through the white clay at the bottom of trench 3 prior to back-filling (in the downhill/downstream corner).   We got 6" down but  did not get through it and all the slag surrounding was pretty well solid.
We collected up a good assortment of "non-find" slag from the spoil for possible use in our planned exhibition for this year's Festival of British Archaeology: Saturday 17th July to Sunday 1st August.
With the backfilling of trench 3, all was back to normal.
Rather belatedly, an autogyro (aka a gyroplane, gyrocopter, or rotaplane) popped over to see what we were up to.
As the last thing, Idris got to ride Trevor's tractor!

The last day was a successful end to a successful dig.  Many thanks to all who contributed, especially Christine and Janet the joint leaders and to Trevor, the owner and farmer who has shown great interest and helped us all week.    Also to Mike, who may possibly have been the one person other than Trevor who managed to attend every day.