15 A day of dead-ends

At last some better weather!
Here is a rough synopsis of Tuesday's excavations.  Please note, the trenches have been renumbered one digit down (previous pages also amended).
Trench 6 - Paul recovered some more pot (this may be medieval) & extended the top of the trench a metre toward the fence. John and Pam tried to find where the soil types changed.
Trench 7 - Christine opened & abandoned a strip down the bank toward the fence.  Alex, Mike, David and Peter worked on finishing cutting through the capping layer and cleared dumped slag down to a red clay slope. Sterile charcol samples were recovered from the base of the capping layer and near the bottom of the slag tip. The trench was then abandoned.
A new Trench 8 was opened up, a narrow 3 metre strip was cut just below the summit of the edge of the site. A thick layer of modern dumped material was followed by top soil then a layer of dark clay with small pieces of burnt coal and a lot of decaying orange sandstone, possibly ore prior to being roasted. This needs to be cut through to determine its significance.

All in all, a day of deadends.

(photos and text by Alex)