16 Still on the wild side

Another day for an early bath. Just stand outside the trailer!  The weather reduced the numbers to 4 today.  There is no super injunction so we can name these heroic archaeologists as Mike, Janet, Paul & Alex.  In the gaps between the storms, they managed to keep things moving a little.
Paul continued his work from Saturday in Trench 6 and was rewarded with a stratified find of  pieces of orange earthenware. Hopefully, we shall be able to date them.  At around about 50cm down they are certainly not later than the slag itself.
A very orange (burnt?) layer is appearing deep down in the slag in the lower corner of Mike's hole in Trench 7.  

Also, Alex's possible road surface is becoming more interesting. The surface appears to have been made of material from all stages of the bloomery process.  It comprises roasted ore, slag, charcol, burnt sandstone & various small pebbles.  Perhaps, it was laid over the slag heap soon after the site went out of use.
Digging was abandoned at 12.45pm due to horizonal rain and hail.

Photos by Paul and Alex