18 So far, the signs are promising...

Today we opened up two new trenches at the site, extending the area investigated last year. Since we had put in five trenches last year, these were numbered 6 (left) and 7 (right) and were quickly de-turfed before digging began in earnest.

In trench 7, Idris soon found an interesting hole in the slag dump.

Trench 6 also has plenty of slag on the right hand side but this tails off further left.  We seem to have reached a depth where there is no more slag, just a clay and pebble base -possibly the natural land surface.
Trench 7 was extended over the edge of the slope.  Where the turf starts, the slope looks to have been revetted.  We await to see the extent of this as we excavate further.

Mike's descent through the layers of slag in Trench 7.

(Photographs by Paul, text by Paul and Janet.  Uploaded by David M.)