26 Tuesday 4th May - No Easy Answers

Despite these sunny pictures of Christine, the weather was mostly cold & windy.   Sabden Fold seems to have a separate (colder) micro-climate compared to everywhere else.

We decided to finish off and tidy up our two trenches for recording.  This took most of the day as we only had four people due to the Bank Holiday finishing and some people going back to work.  All ended up with aching limbs due to the ever deepening trenches.  Christine drew trench 3 and tomorrow will draw trench 4.

The stony trench 4 (above left) now shows areas of slag building up in the lower part of the trench.  We remain unsure whether there are remains of any furnaces.  Some burnt wood fragments were found (above right) but otherwise there is not a great deal of evidence for furnaces.  

A similar situation exists with trench 3  (left) and it now looks like this area is almost wholly tipped slag.  The slag appearing in the lower part of trench 4 may actually be the very edge of this tipped slag.  

We need to expose a much bigger area just when our midweek numbers are on the low side.