13 Rewards of a late stay

Today started with Christine, Janet, Mike, Paul & Alex back in yesterday's trenches. They were joined later, for the morning, by David T and during the afternoon John turned up too.  All current trenches except 6a, 6b and Alex's test pit were finished and closed.  Trenches 6a and 6b were tidied up so that they could be drawn.  
The test pit posed questions that could only be answered by extending it and this was duly done. It quickly started to yield shards of coarse crude pot.

Alex was joined in the pit by Paul and they worked on after the others left.  Their dedication was rewarded with some more shards, including rims, that appear to be from a medium size round vessel.  All the pot in the extended test pit is coming from a similar depth and is mixed with burnt ore, charcoal, and occasional bits of slag. The pit also contains many large rocks, a number of which are set into the sandy white clay layer.