12 With the final sod placed on trench 10, the dig was at an end.

The faithful today were Christine, Janet, Georgina, Paul, John, Mike, David T, Alex, Pam and Peter.  
A little more work was done in the extension of trench 6 before it was closed.  Alex's test pit was designated trench 10 and work continued on with Georgina and Alex lifting more pot.  The photo shows a piece in situ in context 2 of trench 10.  After trench 6 was backfilled, Alex continued work in trench 10 for as long as possible as there was still more archaeology left.  However, time called a halt to progress.
The trench was taken down to a surface of decomposed ore between the large stones set in a white sandy clay.  John the drew the trench with Georgina & Peter supervising before it too was closed and backfilled.  With the final sod placed on trench 10, the dig was at an end.
On this excavation, we unfortunately lost something like half of the week and a lot of momentum to bad weather.  However, people stuck at it and we gained some important information.  We can now, at the very least, prove that there was indeed a bloomery here and not just a heap of tipped slag.  Many questions are left unanswered but with the pottery finds, we should be able to answer the most important, the date of the bloomery.  When this is done we will update this web page, adding another small chapter to the story of metal working in Pendle.  

One thing we didn't find was the location of any bloomery hearths.  Perhaps next time.........