Wycoller Country Park - Recording Barns

Here are some record photos taken as part of the Wycoller Recording Barns days.  The interiors of barns can be extremely high in contrast and therefore difficult to record using digital cameras.  We therefore decided to use film for our set-piece record photos.  We used Pentax 35mm cameras and a range of lenses.  The most useful for the interiors and where the slope of the land made things awkward was a 28mm Pentax shift lens.  We used chromogenic black and white film, Kodak BW400CN and Ilford XP2.  Both usually available at the larger Boots Chemist stores.  These films have an immense contrast range and coped with the varied natural lighting very well.  Please note the scans are only low resolution ones done by the processing firm and we shall redo them later.

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Wycoller Aisled Barn, Wycoller Country Park, Trawden, Colne

Copy House Barn, Wycoller

Bracken Hill Barn, Wycoller

Pepper Hill Barn, Wycoller

Pendle Heritage Centre, Park Hill Barn, Barrowford
(The training day)